Amazon + Wildlink

Wildlink is excited to finally offer the #1 requested feature: Amazon support! 

We know you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, and some of your favorite things to recommend to friends and family live on Amazon. We've been working tirelessly to add support for Amazon. As you might imagine, Amazon is very particular about whom they work with, so we're thrilled that they have decided that we (and all of you) are worth partnering with!

Amazon has stricter requirements for earning than our other partner stores. Unlike most other online stores we work with (i.e. Walmart, Groupon, etc.) Amazon only permits earning on specific categories of products.  But not to worry, there are a lot of popular, eligible categories for you to use when sharing links with your friends!  Over time, these categories may change, and we'll do our best to expand these categories to include more products.

The following product categories are currently eligible for earning:


Beyond these eligible categories, there are some other limitations of the Amazon program:

  • Only Amazon purchases made on (and, etc.) are eligible. No purchases made on other Amazon region sites (i.e. are eligible.
  • Only purchases made by people other than you (the sender) are eligible. For example, to earn, you must create a for a product on Amazon, send that link to a friend and that friend must make a purchase. Clicking through your to make a purchase for yourself on Amazon will not earn you a commission.
  • After someone clicks through your to an Amazon page, they must then add an item (it doesn't need to be the same item as the to their shopping cart within 24 hours. The person who clicked on the link must THEN also complete checkout from their shopping cart within 89 days.

To view a full list of terms for Amazon eligible purchases, please see Amazon's Associates Program Policies. Note that the Wildlink agreement with Amazon does not cover all product categories, only the categories listed above are eligible for earning.

As always, if you have questions or need help with ANYTHING, please don't be shy! Hit us up on chat or email, and we'll be happy to help!