How do I create a

It’s super easy.

First, be sure that you've downloaded and enabled Wildlink on your device (LINK TO SETUP ARTICLE)

For iOS: From a web page for any product:

  1. Tap the share button ios share button
  2. Select the 'Create Wildlink' option (a is created automatically for supported stores)
  3. Select the way you want to share the (email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  4. You should now have your in the app you selected to share with. You can now continue sharing as you normally would (add email recipients, compose your Facebook message, etc.).

For Android and Desktop/Laptop:

  1. Select and copy the web address (URL) from any web page you want to share (see below if you're unsure how to do this)
  2. A is created automatically for eligible stores (you'll see a notification that a was created)
  3. Open whatever app you want to share with (i.e. Gmail, Twitter, SMS, etc.) and paste the link (long press in the email body, tweet, etc. and you'll get an option to paste)
  4. You now have your in your message, and you can continue sharing as you normally would.

Android copying a web address/URL example:

Long press/press and hold the address bar of the web browser


Select the "Copy" option


You should see a notification within a second or two that looks like this:


Here's a short video showing it in action: