How do I earn with Wildlink?

The main way to earn is by using the mobile app, Chrome extension or website to create wild.links to websites and products. When you share a with someone, and they click through it to purchase a product, you earn a percentage of their order as a commission. You can find a list of eligible stores by visiting the store list. When you find a store you would like to create a for, you can do so by hitting the “share” button. If you're using the Android or Desktop app, then there's a second, easier way to create a just go to a website in your browser, find a product and copy that page's URL (from the top address bar). The Wildlink app is working in the background to change any links it sees you copy. Your links will still go to the same page that you copied, but now they're ready to earn you some cash!

Want a quick overview of the Android app? Take a look at this 2-minute video.