Which merchants are part of the Wildlink program?

Over 15,000 e-commerce merchants participate in the Wildfire program, meaning they're signed on to reward you when you refer people to them who complete a transaction (through your Wildlink).

From your Wildlink app and web dashboard (www.wildlink.me/user/stores), you can search and browse through a list of active merchants, find ones you want to refer, and generate wild.links. We've also included a handy top 25 list showing the most popular merchants shared by other Wildlink users.

With over 15,000 merchants, we've got you covered, with over 16 million products you can refer to your friends and family! That includes 300,000 hotels, 50,000 concerts, millions of books, and far too many fashion brands and cosmetics to count.

If you can't find a favorite merchant in our directory, please give us a heads-up, and we’ll see if we can get them on board!