Why does the Wildlink Chrome extension need so many permissions?

When installing the Wildlink Chrome extension, you may have noticed that it asks for a few permissions.

permission requests screenshot

Let's review what each of these permissions means and why we need them to make the app work.

  1. “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit” : This permission may sound scary but the key part that's needed is the “change” and “the websites you visit.” The dialog that we show when you click the Wildlink icon in the toolbar is made by “drawing” on top of the page that you're on. This is the only part of the permission we need. However, this specific permission is bundled with other permissions, which makes the whole request necessary.
  2. “Display notifications” : We only let you know when you've earned a new commission on a purchase through your links. We may notify you of other account-related activities, but we won't spam you with promotional messages.
  3. “Communicate with cooperating websites” : We use this permission to sync your login between the wildlink.me website and the Wildlink Chrome extension
  4. “Modify data you copy and paste” : This permission allows the app to put a wild.link into your clipboard, so you can easily paste it wherever you want. It's a convenience that saves you a step since you don't have to copy the wild.link. You can just hit the copy button, and it's automatically copied to your clipboard.