Getting to know the Wildfire JSON Data Feeds

Wildfire provides its clients with data in easy to use, regularly refreshed JSON feeds about its merchants, offers, & coupons.

The Wildfire JSON feeds can be used instead of (or in addition to) making API calls. These data feeds do not require authentication whereas Wildfire API calls do.
All URLs are in the format of[[APP_ID]]/[[TYPE]]/[[VERSION]] where “APP ID” is the application ID, “TYPE” is one of the types described below and “VERSION” is the data format version. The only version is 1 for all these feeds.

Current List of Wildfire JSON Feeds

  1. merchant-rate: Commission rate data for all merchants, including exclusions.[[APPLICATION_ID]]/merchant-rate/1
  2. coupon: Promotions, coupon codes and related metadata. More information about working with the coupon feed can be found here.[[APPLICATION_ID]]/coupon/1
  3. active-domain: Active merchant domains (domains may be many to one in relation to merchant). More information about working with the Wildfire active domain feed can be found here.[[APPLICATION_ID]]/active-domain/1
  4. merchant: Merchant info/metadata including logos, lifestyle/featured images, categories, serviceable countries, merchant score, and special feature restriction flags.[[APPLICATION_ID]]/merchant/1
  5. category: Merchant category tree[[APPLICATION_ID]]/category/1
  6. featured-merchant: Wildfire curated list of merchant IDs that are top brands.[[APPLICATION_ID]]/featured-merchant/1
    The featured merchant feed is not generated for all applications. If you require this feed for your application, please contact us.