Tracking Code (TC) Parameter

Wildfire Systems generates a “device ID” as a way to keep track of which client software generated a given sale/commission. But if you'd prefer to pass along your own attribution reference (i.e., an encoded user ID) you can add a TC parameter to any URL.

The following shows an example of a short/vanity URL with a TC parameter appended to it:

The Wildfire platform will take the value sent to us in the TC parameter and store it. Wildfire then generates a compliant value to pass along to the affiliate network. Every affiliate network has different requirements and limitations for what are allowed values for attribution IDs.  Wildfire removes this restriction, so you don't have to worry about it. You can pass any value of any length in the TC parameter (the only limit is a browser's character limit, which is about 2000 characters).

The same value you send in this TC parameter will be returned as part of the commission record (via the callback or API), described as TrackingCode. If no TC parameter was sent as part of the original link, then the TrackingCode value in the commission record will be omitted.