Working with Wildfire Coupon Data

Available coupon data from the Wildfire Coupon JSON feed (located at where APPLICATION_ID is your application ID and VERSION is the version you of the API you wish to invoke) includes coupon codes and promotions for many of our merchant partners.  At the time of this writing, there is only a single version (version 1).

The fields included in this feed are as follows:

  • ID and Merchant ID: ID is the unique identifier for the coupon or promotion and the Merchant ID is the associated merchant reference for the coupon/promo.
  • Description: Details about what the offer associated with the coupon or promotion is.  Note that some merchants don't provide a detailed description, especially for coupon codes.
  • Code: Where set, this is the coupon's code that is used at checkout to receive a discount.
  • Countries: The list of country codes where the merchant has described this coupon can be used. This value can also be or include "International" if the merchant has so indicated.
  • Exclusions: Some merchants describe exclusions to where the coupon is eligible to be used (but most merchants just describe eligible products/categories in the description).
  • Start Date / End Date: These describe when the coupon is valid.  The feed will generally include coupons and promos whose start date is within a day in the future and whose end date is greater than the current date.  Please note that you should always consider these values (i.e. as part of your caching design) before displaying a coupon/promo to end-users.  "Coming soon" promotions are likely well received by users, but expired coupons are not.

As of the time of this writing, Wildfire's systems regenerate the coupon data roughly every six hours.