Merchants and Domains

Data from the Wildfire Merchants API (located at where APPLICATION_ID is your application ID and VERSION is the version you of the API you wish to invoke) includes several useful pieces of data.  The primary information in the returned data is each eligible domain and the merchant that is associated with that domain.

Each eligible domain also includes "rates" that you can use internally or share with your end users.  Note that rates have a few special properties:

  • Rates may either be a percentage (i.e. Earn 5% on all purchases) or a flat amount (i.e. Earn $5.00 for starting a free trial).
  • Rates have already been "split" so that the amount described is how much you, our partner, will receive when the commission is paid to us by the merchant.
  • If you're sharing this amount with an end user, you should make sure to apply whatever split you want to give to that user (assuming you are taking a portion of the commission for yourself).

We include the following rate data that you may find useful:

  • Maximum rate: This is the highest payout for any product category that the merchant offers.  This can be useful to excite your users by offering them an "Up to X%" call to action.  However, it should be noted that some merchants have niche product categories that are substantially higher than other offered rates.  It's important to balance exciting your user with setting their expectations realistically for what they are likely to earn.

We also offer APIs to fetch ALL commission rates for a given merchant.  Many merchants only have a single commission rate, but some merchants have over 100 commission rates (this is common with web hosting merchants where they use a separate flat rate amount for every product that they offer).

Note: This data feed refreshes roughly every 6 hours.